The Definition of Par Value of Stock?

Answer The par value of stock, also known as face value or nominal value, is the amount that is printed on the face of each stock certificate. The par value of stock is determined when a business is incor... Read More »

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Definition of Stock Value?

To decide if a stock is overvalued or undervalued in the market, investors determine the stock's value. The difference between the calculated value and what the stock sells for in the market tells ... Read More »

Value Stock vs. Growth Stock Long-Term Return?

Value and growth stocks are two categories of stocks that reflect the financial metrics of the underlying companies. Investors consider value stocks "cheap" and growth stocks "expensive," but each ... Read More »

What is a value stock?

A value stock is a stock with what may be considered a low price per share compared to its asset value. Value stock prices most often have high dividend yields and low price to earnings ratios.Sour... Read More »

Is WFC a value or a growth stock?

Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC) is considered both a value and a growth stock. It is a value stock because it has a long history of paying stable dividends, and it is a growth stock because of its potentia... Read More »