The Definition of Par Value of Stock?

Answer The par value of stock, also known as face value or nominal value, is the amount that is printed on the face of each stock certificate. The par value of stock is determined when a business is incor... Read More »

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Definition of Stock Value?

To decide if a stock is overvalued or undervalued in the market, investors determine the stock's value. The difference between the calculated value and what the stock sells for in the market tells ... Read More »

Definition of Stock Puts?

A stock put option allows you to make money on a stock when the price falls without having to short sell it. In addition it gives you leverage, which means that you can control 100 shares of stock ... Read More »

What is the Definition of a Stock Split?

Stock splits are a common occurrence in the financial world. Companies that split stocks have different reasons for the action, but the decision does not affect individual ownership interests.Owne... Read More »

What is the definition of a stock exchange?

A stock exchange is an organization that provides a place for stock traders and brokers to exchange stock and other financial securities. A stock exchange also provides a place for the issuance and... Read More »