The Definition of Non-Halogenated Refrigerants?

Answer Non-halogenated refrigerants are non-halogen containing substances that absorb heat and change their physical state during this process. Halogens are elements in the 17th column of the periodic tab... Read More »

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Alternative R-12 Refrigerants?

Dichlorodifluoromethane, more commonly known as R-12, is a chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) product which has been used as a propellant for aerosol sprays and as a refrigerant under the names Freon and Fre... Read More »

List of CFC Refrigerants?

Freon or CFC-12 was used for over thirty years as a refrigerant in air conditioning units both in the home and in vehicles. However, it was found to have an impact on the ozone layer and in 1994 th... Read More »

What are halogen refrigerants?

Halogen refrigerants are a class of coolant chemicals that are non-toxic and have highly efficient heat transferring capabilities. As halogen refrigerants are chloroflourocarbons (CFCs), which caus... Read More »

How does high definition differ from standard definition?

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