The Definition of IRS 1099?

Answer An IRS Form 1099 is a document used to report various kinds of non-employee income. At the end of every year, an employer will issue you a W-2 form that reports your wages and other compensation. ... Read More »

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Where is the ein on a ssa-1099?

Form SSA-1099 is used to report Social Security benefits to recipients. Because Social Security benefits are paid directly to recipients from the Social Security Administration, there is no EIN, or... Read More »

How do I report a 1099 to the irs?

Form 1099 must go to any person who provides services to another and earns $600 or more for those services. The provider who does business this way is an independent contractor. The issuer is oblig... Read More »

What Is a 1099 For?

The 1099 form is called an informational return. It is used to report earnings and transactions to the IRS that fall outside of the normal wages and salary reporting.FunctionA 1099 form is issued b... Read More »

How to E-file a 1099?

Traditionally you could file your taxes only by sending them and all required documents to the IRS through the mail. Now thanks to modern technology, you can e-file, which means that you can file y... Read More »