The Day After Hair Transplant Surgery?

Answer A hair transplant can be an exciting procedure. After all, in many cases it is reversing what a man may have believed to be permanent hair loss. The best way to get the most out of your hair transp... Read More »

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The Average Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery?

Like any cosmetic surgery, hair transplants vary widely in cost depending on the patient's existing condition and desired outcome. Hair transplants work by taking grafts of healthy hair--tiny piece... Read More »

Serious inquiry into transplant surgery?

I would say not, My father received a heart transplant at age 51 (also from a 16 yr old) and died at age 64. There are soooo many complications that come from transplants.

Is there an Eye Transplant surgery for people with Glaucoma and or Diabetic Retinopathy Is there any hope?

There is no surgical procedure to restore the vision which has already been lost.Glaucoma is optic nerve damage (often, but not always, associated with increased eye pressure) that leads to progres... Read More »

Hair Transplant is the good solution for hair?