The Dangers of Stretching?

Answer Whether training for a marathon, playing sports or losing weight, performing stretches before and after working out may benefit the body. For instance, performing warm-up and cooldown stretches may... Read More »

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How to Supplement Your Stretching Routine With Dynamic Stretching?

Vertical arm swinging can also be done like a whole body stretch by reaching for the ceiling.Stretching with calisthenic movements, which is technically dynamic stretching, is a great supplement to... Read More »

Ear stretching ?

nothing to 4mm is huge...take it out wash it with salt water until it is healed and start again with a 1.6 or 2mm and go up 1mm every couple of weeks.

Ear stretching questions...?

1. Yes, and you can stretch further if that's something you want to do.2. Eventually, but keep in mind that if you stretch your ears too big, they will not. You'll have to get reconstructive surger... Read More »

Ear piercing / stretching?

If you got pierced with a gun, the studs they use have butterfly backs. The gun uses blunt force trauma to shove a dull object into your flesh, resulting in tissue damage. The back of the earring s... Read More »