The Dangers of Feeding Pelleted Horse Feed?

Answer Alfalfa and mineral pellets, used as food or dietary supplements for horses, are marketed as cost effective, healthy and easy to digest. Since the availability of grass and other plants wanes in th... Read More »

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How to Feed Ferals Without Feeding Raccoons?

Feral cats are commonly fed by many people who are concerned about the animals, but have no other options, since the cats cannot be trained to become domestic house pets. Problems come when humans... Read More »

Horse-Feeding Nutrition for Colic?

Colic is the leading cause of death in horses. It is classified as abdominal pain and is often caused by distention of the intestines. While many different factors can cause a horse to develop coli... Read More »

Is Horse Manure good for feeding Roses?

Yes, but you need to leave it to rot for 6 months to let the ammonia evaporate, by which time it will resemble soil or peat, which will be much more pleasant to handle!

Information on What to Feed a Pit Bull That Is Feeding Eight Puppies?

Taking care of eight puppies can be very stressful and difficult for a pit bull mother. When a pit bull, or a dog belonging to any other dog breed, is lactating, she needs extra calories and nutrie... Read More »