"The Curse Of The Black Pearl" Blu-ray?

Answer I have both formats of the movie in question, dvd and the blu ray. As far as material is concerned(ie special features such as commentary/deleted scenes), I'm pretty certain they are both the same.... Read More »

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How to Paint Pearl Silver Flames on Black?

Painting pearl silver flames on a black paint job is not the easiest project to do unless you have extensive experience painting vehicles. Pearl paint is not a solid paint, instead it shows on the ... Read More »

In the book the pearl why are the pearl buyers excited about the pearl?

Because all the pearl buyers (at the time of the story) work for the same man, and who ever gives the boss for the lowset price gets payed the most.

Why did Kino and Juana throw away the pearl at the end of the book The Pearl?

Because they were happy before he found the pearl. He wanted it to be that way again. Whether or not it can be is perhaps in doubt, but... he is going to try. The Pearl brought him nothing but pain... Read More »

How is the pearl cauing misfortunes to kino in the book the pearl?

the pearl is the antagonist. it causes everything to go wrong, it makes everyone in town jealous that he found such a great pearl. by everyone being greedy and jealous, people attack him and try to... Read More »