The Correct Way to Use a Philips Epilator?

Answer If you hate shaving and are tired of the mess waxing your legs leaves, you may want to try a Philips epilator. Epilators are used to remove leg and underarm hair. They are not recommended for the b... Read More »

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What r the codes for a Philips universal remote for a Philips DVD player?

i run a 7.2v 3300mah venom in my crawler it runs for like 3 hours! But if you need to go cheaper almost anything will work that is that size pack... try this site to get some ideas http://www.durat... Read More »

What is the code to program a universal Philips remote to a Philips tv?

Try these codes: 525, 566, 651, 652, 655, 656, 671, 690, 723, 724, 729, 770.

Is the PHILIPS 42PFP5532D/05 (Plasma TV) better than the PHILIPS 42PFL5522D/05 (LCD TV)?

depends what you watch, if sport and gaming then plasma if not the lcd.wg

Use of an Epilator?

Epilators are devices used to remove hair at root level. The method of removal can be mechanical (plucking the hairs out of their follicles) or electrical (applying electrical current to destroy th... Read More »