The Correct Way to Trim Hoofs?

Answer Hoof trimming is an essential part of raising healthy horses. While cleaning the hooves should be a daily activity, trimming the hooves should be performed every four to six weeks. The main goal o... Read More »

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Correct Way to Trim Toenails?

If you have ever experienced an ingrown toenail, you realize how important good toenail care is. Trimming your toenails may seem like an easy task, but the technique you use may be to blame for any... Read More »

How to Trim a Tree So It Is the Correct Shape?

Most backyard trees benefit from occasional pruning. Removing dead branches prevents later branch-fall damage, while pruning narrow branch crotches creates a stronger tree. A tree's "correct" shape... Read More »

How do I clean the vinyl trim or the rubber trim on RVs?

General CleaningClean vinyl or rubber on your RV with water and dish detergent. In a bucket, mix water and several squirts of detergent. Using a sponge, wipe the RV clean. For hard-to-reach areas, ... Read More »

If a tree overhangs your garden and the person whos tree it is refuses to trim it are you entitled to trim it?

Simple answer - yes.You are well within your rights to cut/chop the part down which hangs over into your garden if, however, it is not over 75 years old. If it is over this age you will have to ge... Read More »