The Correct Uses of the Apostrophe?

Answer There may have been times when you've read an email from a friend or read something on paper that had the misuse of apostrophes, and a little twinge of annoyance ran through you. There are four bas... Read More »

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What is correct use of the apostrophe?

Apostrophes should be used for three reasons only, according to the Purdue University Online Writing Lab: to indicate possession, to indicate letter omission in a contraction, and for certain plura... Read More »

The Correct Use of the Apostrophe in English?

The apostrophe has three primary uses in the English language: to form possessive nouns, to represent one or two omitted letters in contractions, and to indicate plurals or lowercase letters.

When does an apostrophe go after the s?

Plural nouns that end in "s" use only an apostrophe after the "s." Singular and plural proper nouns that end in "s," such as James or the Joneses, place an apostrophe after the "s."References:Purdu... Read More »

How to Use an Apostrophe With a Last Name?

When writing any type of formal paper or even a document for your own use, there are certain rules regarding when you should and should not use an apostrophe. In regards to a person's last name, an... Read More »