The Common Wires Used for Car Subwoofers?

Answer Car stereo systems are assemblies of interconnecting components. The head unit, battery, speakers, external amplifiers, and subwoofers need a variety of wires to keep everything connected and secur... Read More »

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Why do Wires used in electric ovens are thicker than those used in the wires of electric lamps?

Reliable, simple and safe. Heat can be regulated by changing the resistance in the circuit.

Can subwoofers be used as normal loudspeakers?

Sub-Woofer also is a speaker, but it can't be used as a speaker. The output will be missing the medium & high frequency sounds as it is made to respond manly at low frequency.

Can bookshelf speakers be used as subwoofers?

Which type of wires are used in solar panels?

Single-stranded wire, the most common type in residential wiring, stands as the likely choice for solar wiring due to its cost effectiveness. If you live in a windy climate, multi-stranded wiring c... Read More »