The Common Energy Flow Within an Ecosystem of a Rainforest?

Answer Rainforests represent one of the most diverse ecosystems of the planet, covering about 6 percent of the Earth's surface. Most of the plants living mass is located above ground, which influences how... Read More »

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What is the flow of energy called in an ecosystem?

The flow of energy in an ecosystem is called energy transfer. Generally, some life forms absorb energy from the sun, while others take energy from one another. Energy is used as movement, heat and ... Read More »

Rainforest Ecosystem Information?

Rainforests are the world's most unique, and most threatened, ecological communities. Their richness in plant and animal life is unsurpassed, but neither is the rate of their destruction. Only a ti... Read More »

Is the Amazon rainforest an ecosystem?

The Amazon rainforest is an ecosystem. Ecosystems consist of different communities of life that interact with each other and with the non-living elements to form a whole environment. Within that en... Read More »

The Dynamics of the Tropical Rainforest Ecosystem?

Tropical rainforests account for approximately 6 percent of the earth's surface and nearly two-thirds of all plant and animal species on earth. Many beneficial medications have been derived from ra... Read More »