The Civil War was the first war to be documented through photography?

Answer No. I believe it was the first American war to be documented through photography, but not the VERY first.

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How did photography impact the civil war?

It had far reaching consequences. Pictures of the aftermath of battles could be sent all over the world. Pictures of loved ones could be carried into battle, or sent back to the family. It was t... Read More »

What role did photography play during the civil war?

The role played by photography in the American Civil War (1861-1865), and every war since, was to provide the most accurate historical record possible of the people, the personalities, the places a... Read More »

The Civil War was the first thoroughly recorded by photography what was the reaction to these images?

My understanding is, not much. Although many photographs were taken of all aspects of the war the technology for publishing them did not exist yet. Newspapers and magazines used woodcuts and engrav... Read More »

How many documented shipwrecks are there?

While some claim the exact number of shipwrecks in the world will never be known, Shipwreck Central, a leader in information for shipwreck enthusiasts, reports there are 1,363 recorded shipwrecks a... Read More »