The Chemicals in Salt, Pepper & Sugar?

Answer Sugar, salt and pepper are among the most often-used kitchen ingredients. Sugar and salt are chemical compounds, and pepper is a naturally-occurring spice. Black pepper, or Piper nigrum, is the mos... Read More »

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Does the air in salt/pepper/sugar packets matter?

I think the cheap paper might split if there were no air space.Also, could it be to keep the right balance of moisture?

What makes ice melt faster: sand, pepper, salt or sugar?

Salt and sugar change the freezing point of water. Pepper and sand do not dissolve in water, so their presence does not matter. Although both salt and sugar change water's freezing point, on a gram... Read More »

How to Make Salt and Pepper Dip?

A spicy mixture intended for dips.

How to Fry Salt and Pepper Fish?

Have you ever wanted some fried fish but didn't know how to cook it. Or maybe you have a special occasion coming up and the guests demand fish. Well here's how you can fry fish quick and easy with ... Read More »