The Chemical Digestion & Absorption of Food?

Answer The digestive system provides a way for nutrients to enter the circulatory system from the environment, according to Colorado State University. This cannot occur unless food is digested into extrem... Read More »

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What chemical substance is obtained from food during digestion?

Nutrients are the chemical substances obtained from food during digestion. The small intestine absorbs food molecules that are then transported to different parts of the body as nutrients. Carbohyd... Read More »

How to Create Optimal Digestion for Good Nutrient Absorption?

“I am convinced digestion is the great secret of life.” ~Sydney Smith Having a healthy digestion allows all your cells, tissues, and organs to receive sufficient nutrition for a state of good h... Read More »

Chemical Changes in Digestion?

As food travels through the digestive system of animals, it undergoes a series of physical and chemical changes that break it down to provide energy for cells. Physical changes simply alter the app... Read More »

What is the chemical equation for digestion?

There are many chemical reactions that compose digestion. These reactions depend on environment pH, food content, personal health and so on. The overall goal of these reactions is to break down com... Read More »