The Checkered Way to Lace Shoes?

Answer Lacing shoes in a checkered style is a popular look for trendy men. This look is sometimes associated with a skater look, but has been seen on every type of shoe, including athletic sneakers. The c... Read More »

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How to Lace Shoes?

You might've been taught how to tie your shoelaces, but has anyone really shown you how to lace them? It's a great way to personalize your shoes, especially if you buy laces in different colors and... Read More »

How to Straight-Lace DVS Shoes?

There are dozens of different ways to lace a pair of shoes. Using these different methods can make your shoes look different and stand out. Straight-lacing seems to be one of the common methods of ... Read More »

How do I bar lace skate shoes?

Insert the LacesInsert the shoelace into the set of eyelets nearest to the toe of the shoe. Pull the laces inwards so that they are under the tongue of the shoe.Make the BarsTake one side of the sh... Read More »

How to Lace Vans Shoes?

Vans shoes’ flat laces are perfect for lacing in interesting styles. Here are instructions on how to cross-lace and bar-lace your Vans.