The Characteristics of the Rainforest?

Answer With great biodiversity spread in a four-layer canopy structure, warm temperatures, low latitudes and high rainfall, the tropical rainforest is an important biome of the world. More than half of li... Read More »

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Special Characteristics for Tropical Rainforest Biomes?

The tropical rainforest biome is one of the most diverse and productive biomes on Earth. Tropical rainforests provide 40 percent of the oxygen on Earth even though they only cover about 6 percent o... Read More »

Rainforest Animals That Live in the Rainforest Layers?

Four distinct layers comprise the various tropical rainforests around the world, with different creatures lining in each layers. The animals that occur in each layer possess certain sets of traits ... Read More »

How big is the Amazon rainforest?

According to the Smithsonian Institute, the Amazon rainforest, or its basin, covers over 2.7 million square miles, which holds 4,195 miles of the river including 15,000 tributaries. The Amazon Rive... Read More »

Rainforest Art Projects?

Art projects can be a diverse and immersive way of teaching about rainforest areas by combining creative expression, analytical thought, hand-eye coordination and information processing. Aspects of... Read More »