The Characteristics of Chianina Cows?

Answer Chianinas are thought to be the oldest purebred cows in the world, dating back to at least 1500 BC. Originally used as draft animals and as sacrificial offerings to the Roman gods, today the Chiani... Read More »

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How to Identify Chianina Cattle?

This is an in depth guide of how to identify Chianina cattle. The word Chianina is pronounced "KEE-a-NEE-na."

What do ear tags on cows mean?

Farmers and ranchers practice animal identification to help them keep accurate records of their herd. One method of identifying animals is ear tags. Not only do ear tags help ranchers keep track of... Read More »

How do cows live?

in a life abundtant with grass and mooing

Are cows colorblind?

Cows and bulls are not completely colorblind as they do have two types of cones in their eyes. Cattle and other mammals do see some colors and it is believed they see colors similarly to the way a ... Read More »