The Causes of Low Engine Coolant Levels?

Answer Your vehicle’s coolant system helps to keep engine heat at recommended levels for your car’s optimum operation. This system includes multiple components: a radiator, a water pump, an overflow r... Read More »

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How to Check Car Engine Coolant Levels?

Your car's engine coolant dissipates any excess heat the engine produces when running. This keeps your engine from over heating in the summer and freezing in the winter. Maintaining the proper leve... Read More »

Why Won't the Engine Coolant Go Back Into the Radiator When the Engine Cools Down?

A car's radiator does its job of cooling the engine by forcing the coolant/water mixture through the cooling system and into the engine in a cycle, bringing the coolant temperature down before cycl... Read More »

How to Check the Coolant Levels in a Diesel Van?

The coolant in your diesel van cycles through the engine cooling chambers and helps keep the engine cool. The fluid is pumped through the cooling system via a water pump and draws heat away from th... Read More »

How to Add Engine Coolant to a Car?

Most of today's cars utilize a coolant recovery jug, typically located on the front right or left hand side of the radiator. This jug holds the coolant overflow from the radiator. If the level of y... Read More »