The Caulk Won't Stay Around the Bathtub?

Answer Improperly applied bathtub caulk allows water to infiltrate behind the tub surround, causing damage to the underlying wallboard. A secure and solid caulk seal prevents this damage. Several steps c... Read More »

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Why doesn't the caulk stay around my bathtub?

I have shown you on several occasions how to use and handle caulk. Must we go through this again? Common mistakes around caulk include: -Assuming the bigger tube will work much better than the sm... Read More »

How to Caulk a Bathtub?

Water will penetrate your bathroom walls and cause expensive damage to your valuable home unless you take precautions with your bathtub.

How do I remove caulk from a bathtub?

Spread caulk remover on the caulk, squeezing it from the bottle and spreading it around with your fingers. Cover all the caulk you want to remove.Let the caulk remover penetrate the caulk, breaking... Read More »

Caulk Problems for the Bathtub?

Applying caulk around the bathtub can be challenging. Several factors must be addressed to avoid common problems encountered by the average homeowner. Applied properly, caulk will provide a water... Read More »