The Catalytic Converter Location on a 1988 Chevy K2500?

Answer The original catalytic converter on the 1988 Chevy K2500 was a flat, broad, pellet-filled component. Chevy used this style converter until the mid 1990s. The bottom of the converter featured a fill... Read More »

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How to Clear Catalytic Converter Codes Without Replacing Your Catalytic Converter?

With some basic automotive know how, you can permanently clear your catalytic converter error codes without changing your catalytic converter. This 3 dollar fix will save you hundreds of dollars.

How to Change the Catalytic Converter on a Chevy Silverado?

The catalytic converter regulates and reduces pollutants within the vehicle's exhaust. Vehicles are required by law to have them, so you need to replace them if they are no longer working. On a cur... Read More »

How to Replace the Catalytic Converter in a 1996 Chevy S10?

The catalytic converter on the 1996 Chevy S10 bolts between the exhaust manifold and the exhaust pipe. The converter neutralizes toxic chemicals that expel from the engine. Without the use of catal... Read More »

How to Remove a Chevy Astro Catalytic Converter?

A faulty catalytic converter can cause your Chevy Astro to fail an emissions test and possibly affect your ability to register your car. Catalytic converters can become damaged due to faulty oxygen... Read More »