The Cat Abuse Video...?

Answer I just watched that video and it honestly made me cry. I am actually sat here crying. how could someone do that? The poor cat is clearly in distress and this person who did this don't ever deserve ... Read More »

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Sad music to go with animal abuse awareness video.?

Hands - Jewel…

How often does verbal&mental abuse turn into physical abuse?

On One Hand: Emotional Abuse is Strong Indicator of ViolenceMeasuring the frequency that abuse turns violent is difficult, as up to half of abuse is unreported. However, the chief indicators of fut... Read More »

What steps should a teen being abuse at home take to stop the abuse?

tell a teacher, or another adult. Don't let it keep happening. Tell someone quick!!

Do mainstream talk shows about abuse raise awareness or just trivialize abuse?

AnswerBoth. Still, they provide an important service. One of the main weapons of the abuser is secrecy. He/she may force victims to remain mum either by threatening them or by creating a "shared ps... Read More »