The Cartridge Filter Size to Use for a 12,000-Gallon Aboveground Pool?

Answer A cartridge filter is just one of a few choices pool owners have when selecting a pool filtration system. Cartridge filters are manufactured in various sizes to accommodate a wide range of swimming... Read More »

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What kind of pool filter should you buy 12000 gallon in ground pool?

I would always go with a sand filter, most of them are very similar in the way they work and so long as you stick with a reputable brand you should have no problems.

How to Get Air out of an Aboveground Pool Filter System?

Regardless of the type of filter you use, they all have a pressure gauge and air-release valve. The process of getting the air out of your aboveground filter is known as bleeding the air valve. It'... Read More »

Should I Backwash My Cartridge Pool Filter?

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Can you turn a chlorinated aboveground pool into a saltwater pool?

Answer Yes,but only if your pool is resin[that is constructed from 100% polymer or plastic].It is not advisable to use salt in a "steel pool". Answer Salt in a steel pool is a lousy salesman answer... Read More »