The Brightest Mini Flashlights?

Answer Mini flashlights are smaller versions of standard-sized flashlights. Mini flashlights range in size, shape, color and type/style. They include round, square or oval shapes. They vary in the color o... Read More »

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How Do I Compare LED Flashlights?

LED lights are far brighter than standard light bulbs, last longer and have a larger light range. There are many different makes and models of LED flashlights, so if you're on the market for purcha... Read More »

Uses for UV Flashlights?

Humans see a very narrow window of the electromagnetic spectrum. We do not see X-rays, gamma rays or microwaves. We see the colors of the rainbow from red to violet, but there is something beyond r... Read More »

How do flashlights operate?

Flashlights operate using the principles of a simple circuit consisting of a battery, a bulb, a switch and wiring. Electrical current flows from the battery to the bulb with the switch completing t... Read More »

Who makes Element flashlights?

Allied International makes the Element brand of flashlights. Element flashlight models include the Super Bright L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diode) flashlight, which costs around $40, and the Three Watt ... Read More »