The Braidless Technique for Micro Flat Weaving?

Answer Wearing hair weave is a popular way to try out new hairstyles without damaging or altering your natural hair. There are countless weaving techniques available to achieve natural looking hairstyles.... Read More »

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What Is Malaysian Braidless Weaving?

Described as a healthier type of hair extension, the Malaysian braidless weave is a weave system that does less damage to your hair. Also known as the pinch method, the flexi-weave system and the w... Read More »

The Han Monochrome Weaving Technique?

The convergence of silk and weaving technologies of China have had definitive effects on the perception of Chinese culture in the West. Named Seres, translated as the Land of Silk, by the ancient R... Read More »

Mock Leno Weaving Technique?

Understanding various types of weaves and weaving techniques can help you make better decisions when it comes to aesthetic appeal and the durability of fabric. A mock leno weave offers an interlock... Read More »

How to Do the Interlocking Hair Weaving Technique?

Hair weaving gives anyone the chance to look like a rock star or supermodel, no matter the length of their hair. There are a number of methods, but many prefer the interlocking technique. This keep... Read More »