The Block Cylinder Honing Process?

Answer Choosing a gear ratio for your Chevrolet, or any vehicle, is a subjective process. Gear ratio can have a dramatic impact on vehicle performance and fuel economy. Your gear ratio determines how many... Read More »

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Instructions for Honing a Cylinder?

A relatively new product called a flex hone can be used to hone the cylinders of old engines and modern, high compression engines. Don't skip any steps. Have a machine shop bore the engine if need ... Read More »

The Process of Cylinder Plating?

The manufacture of lace dates back to fourteenth-century France, where it was used exclusively by clergy of the Catholic church. Lace then became fashionable, and lace-making spread throughout east... Read More »

2002 Civic Slave Cylinder Bleeding Process?

The 2002 Honda Civic comes with a 1.7-liter four-cylinder engine and a manual transmission (if equipped). The clutch system on the 2002 Honda Civic is fully hydraulic, which means it has a clutch m... Read More »

How to Get Rust Out of a Cylinder Block?

When rebuilding an engine, you often find rust in the cylinders. Before installing your pistons and new piston rings, it is essential to remove the rust so that the piston rings ride smoothly again... Read More »