The Best Zooms for Sports Cameras?

Answer Photography always has its challenges. Judging, lighting and composing the shot can be difficult enough with a stationary subject, but a moving subject -- or dozens of moving subjects -- only incr... Read More »

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What are the best digital cameras to buy. Jessops told me cannon are the best?

I believe that there's not really any better or worse option here, I have a couple of cannon cameras a couple of fuji cameras and several olympus and never had a complaint about any of them.The tec... Read More »

Which of these two cameras do you like the best BEST ANSWER = 10 POINTS ?

There's no law against saving your money you know. Having said that, the DSC-W120 offers the most photographic capability for the money. Of the two, that's the one that I'd get and it's not at all ... Read More »

What is the X in digital camera zooms?

The lens of a digital camera has a certain focal length, expressed in mm. For example, a 50mm lens has a field of view that approximates what we see with our eyes looking straight ahead. A 25mm wid... Read More »

Why does my iPhone 4 front camera take pixelated pictures and zooms in?

That "zooming" is actually just focusing. The camera is trying to find you. Why? You are trying to take a picture in the dark. How do I know? The picture that came out is pixelated. How to make the... Read More »