The Best Wedding Sarees?

Answer Though the saree, or sari, is most commonly associated with Indian women, this flowing piece of clothing is worn by women in many different areas of the world, and in many different styles. The sar... Read More »

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Who designed the wedding dress for the movie'My Best Friend's Wedding'?

Jeffrey Kurland designed the wedding dress worn by Cameron Diaz in "My Best Friend’s Wedding.” Kurland’s film career began in 1978. He is best known for having worked on 18 Woody Allen films... Read More »

How to Design Sarees?

There are few historical records pertaining to the sari, also known as saree, dhoti or lungi. According to Puja website, one of the earliest depictions of a drape covering the entire body dates ba... Read More »

How to Reuse Silk Sarees?

A saree, or sari, is a staple of an Indian women wardrobe, although it is popular in other Middle Eastern cultures as well. It is a long piece of fabric that is wrapped around and draped about the ... Read More »

Different Styles of Sarees?

Sarees (also known as saris) have long enjoyed a rich tradition in South Asian culture and style. Their unique designs vary according to region, and are seen worn in over 30 different styles throug... Read More »