The Best Weapons for Home Self Defense?

Answer Defending yourself from a criminal or an animal can require more than just your bare hands. There are weapons that are specially made to assist you in fighting criminals in case they attack you. Se... Read More »

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What weapons does the department of defense make?

Army TMDE complies with specifications; and that a high percentage of the Army TMDE inventory is available for use.

What are the department of defense weapons system safety standards?

The deadliest war in man's history was WWII.The deadliest US war was the US Civil War; because Americans were killing Americans.The Vietnam War was Americas longest war against another NATION. The ... Read More »

Is a .410 shotgun powerful enough for home defense?

According to End Times Report, a .410 shotgun fired in close range delivers more power than a .357 Magnum revolver, which is more than enough for home defense. It also produces less noise and recoi... Read More »

Is Ortho Home Defense any good?

On One Hand: The Insecticide Is Safe and EffectiveThe Ortho Home Defense insecticide is intended for general pest control. The product is safe enough for indoor usage and is also effective for outd... Read More »