The Best Ways to Stop Hair Loss?

Answer For many people--especially men--hair loss is a challenge that will have to be faced. Whether you're already threatened with baldness or simply want to prevent the condition, several viable hair lo... Read More »

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Easy Ways to Stop Hair Loss?

Human hair grows in cycles that can range from two to six years. Not all of your hair grows at the same rate. When hair is not growing, it enters a resting phase. Resting phases can last two to thr... Read More »

Ways to Stop Hair Loss in Women?

Hair loss in women is caused by a variety of things, from genetics to your overall health to the environment you live in. There are precautions to take in order to help prevent hair loss, but there... Read More »

Ways to Stop Hair Loss in Young Women?

Hair loss can be experienced by anyone, even young women. The causes of hair loss in young women are hormonal imbalance, vitamin deficiency, stress, poor diet and exercise, improper hair care, and ... Read More »

The Best Way to Stop Hair Loss During Menopause?

The closer a women gets to menopause, the more she will start to notice some hair loss. During menopause, the hair loss can start to get severe. Hormonal changes and the decrease of estrogen are th... Read More »