The Best Ways to Serve Watermelon?

Answer Watermelon is usually served in slices -- a simple, chilled summer treat enjoyed for its clean, refreshing taste. Although it is 92 percent water, watermelon is full of vitamins and minerals and ha... Read More »

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Ways to Serve Sugar Snap Peas?

Sugar snap peas are small vegetables with an edible pod. Packed with nutrients, these peas are plump, firm and smooth when ripe. Sugar snap peas are low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. Th... Read More »

What are some different but healthy ways to serve avocados to kids?

Try the Italian way by doing a Tricolore Ciabatta/Panini. It is called Tricolore as it represents the colours in the Italian flag.This is: Panini/Ciabatta Avocado Mozzarella Sun Dried TomatoesGrea... Read More »

What are some good ways to season raw shrimp to serve with cocktail sause?

There's good "Seafood Boil" spices you can buy at the store. Those are really good. She just may be doing that. If you go to a large food store, check by the spices and the seafood counter, if t... Read More »

Is it true that if I swallow a watermelon seed a watermelon will grow in my stomach?

LoL question.In Soviet Russia, watermelon grows you!