The Best Ways to Remove Scratches From a Car?

Answer Cars become transportation to some and treasures to others. Anytime you take your car out on the road, it is open for scratches. Rocks fly up from the road, or out-of-control shopping carts nick yo... Read More »

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The Best Ways to Get Surface Scratches from Hardwood Floors?

There are several effective methods for removing surface scratches from hardwood floors, depending on the type of flooring, the finish and how deep the scratches are. If your floors have deep scrat... Read More »

Cheap Fast Ways to Touch Up Scratches on Your Car?

Car scratches can annoy any vehicle owner, since they distract from the aesthetic appeal and reduce value. No two scratches are alike, and they must be treated individually. A vehicle owner should ... Read More »

Easy Ways to Repair Scratches on Wood Floors?

Wood floors eventually will get scratched no matter how well you take care of them. A scratch is unsightly and can allow moisture into the structure of the wood, which can lead to serious problem... Read More »

How do I remove CD scratches?

Peel a banana and cut it in half. Take the flat, cut end of the banana and rub it on the bottom of the CD in small circles. Fully cover the underside of the CD with the juices from the banana.Rub t... Read More »