The Best Ways to Remove Pet Urine Odor From Carpet?

Answer When you have pets in the home, urine accidents tend to occur, especially if potty training a new kitten or puppy. Urine needs cleaned from carpet quickly to avoid staining and to eliminate odors. ... Read More »

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The Best Ways to Remove the Urine Smell From Carpet?

Even the smallest of urine stains on your carpet can result in unsettling smells that plague your whole home. Left untreated, the smell slowly tracks into other areas and even worse, the longer you... Read More »

What is the best inexpensive product for getting old dog urine stains and odor out of the carpet?

my mom uses fresh 'n clean- pet odor & stain eliminator.

How do I remove outside dog urine odor?

ProcessMix equal parts water and white vinegar together and pour into a sprayer or watering can. Spray or pour over the area in which you smell the urine, such as an outdoor dog run. Let the mixtur... Read More »

The Best Way to Remove Cat Urine Odor?

Cat urine has an overwhelming odor. The smell can remain in carpets, furniture and other areas even after multiple cleanings. There are many products that can be purchased to remove cat and dog uri... Read More »