The Best Ways to Remove Paint From a Piece of Wood?

Answer Several methods are used to remove paint from wood. The easiest, fastest and cheapest way is to simply scrape and sand the wood, but this method often fails to completely remove old paint. Fortunat... Read More »

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Can a home owners association file a lien against you for needing to fix a piece of wood on the house and paint it?

The definition of a lien is essentially a claim to keep property -- in your case, cloud your title -- until a debt is paid. In order to file a lien, you must owe the association money, either in th... Read More »

Can you use paint thinner to remove paint from wood trim?

Yes you can use paint thinner to remove the paint on the wood.2nd Answer:No, paint thinner will not remove paint from anything. Most paint is now water-based, anyway. Paint thinner does just what t... Read More »

Ways to Remove Old Plaster From Wood Surfaces?

Cleaning up plaster drips before they dry can save hours in cleaning them after they dry. Plaster can be particularly damaging if it falls on certain surfaces such as wood. Wood is porous and soft,... Read More »

Ways to Remove Alcohol Stains Off of Wood?

Accidents happen, and spilling cocktails, medicine, lotions or perfumes that contain alcohol on furniture can damage wood. Alcohol, left untreated, will eat its way through any surface coating. It ... Read More »