The Best Ways to Reduce Scarring?

Answer Scars are caused by all kinds of circumstances, from bicycle accidents to acne and surgery. The anatomy of a scar, though, is usually the same for superficial wounds. Most scars are made up of coll... Read More »

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How to Reduce Scarring & Pore Size?

Keeping up a healthy skincare regiment is the best formula for reducing pore size and acne related scarring. Facial pores clogged with excess sebum and dead skin are the most common cause of enlarg... Read More »

Will Emu oil remove scars or just help reduce scarring?

Hi well Emu oil is good but not going to remove scars whereas a good Vitamin E cream will help keep scars to a minimum OK ♥

What do you put on a burn to reduce scarring and speed healing?

Procedures That Reduce the Look of Scarring & Calcium Deposits on Your Face?

Deep scars on the face can be difficult to remove with non-invasive treatments. Likewise, when calcium deposits form under the skin, they can only be treated by removing skin layers. Dermatologists... Read More »