The Best Ways to Find Creative Jobs?

Answer Many people aspire to finding an ideal creative job. The definition of "creative" varies. To some, it means making a living doing freelance creative work, such as writing, acting, sculpting or pain... Read More »

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How to Find Creative Ways to Apologize?

Fights with friends can be rough. Luckily, you have come to the right place! Here are some creative ways to apologize that anyone will accept.

How can I make a thousand dollars in 3 weeks I dont have a job now, Im trying to find creative ways.. Thanks?

I know times are real tough, so you have to actually start being creative. The only thing my b/f came up with is to have bbq or just cook up some good food and charge everybody to come and eat. You... Read More »

Creative Jobs List?

People enter into careers for many reasons. Some choose their profession based on the money they expect to earn, others by excitement they wish to experience and others on the good they hope to do.... Read More »

9-5 Jobs for Creative People?

Creativity drives you to think about the world in a different way. Highly creative people may find a job focused on repetitive or highly structured actions too restrictive or boring. If you'd like ... Read More »