The Best Way to Tie Up 100 Balloons?

Answer Balloons are a great accessory for any birthday party, no matter the age of the person who's celebrating. If you're planning to have a lot of balloons, they should be tied together to prevent them ... Read More »

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Do helium balloons or air-filled balloons last longer?

Air-filled balloons last longer than helium balloons. The average lifespan of a helium balloon is eight to twelve hours (the larger the balloon, the longer it lasts). A special treatment called HI-... Read More »

Experiments With Balloons?

Balloons are plenty of fun for kids to play with, but balloons can be helpful in demonstrating scientific principles as well. Whether you're looking for a science class demonstration or hoping to j... Read More »

How to Learn About Air With Balloons?

When you are teaching children about air, it can be difficult to explain about air pressure and that air has mass without a proper demonstration. One solution is to utilize a balloon, which can dem... Read More »

How are balloons made?

Balloons are an essential piece of any party, but where do they come from? They are made from latex, a type of rubber, but the process from sap to shipment is quite involved and interesting.Geograp... Read More »