The Best Way to Straighten Your Hair With a Straightner?

Answer You can straighten your hair using several different methods. Some of the methods are temporary, others are permanent. Most of them are easy and inexpensive. Does this Spark an idea?

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What will hapen if i straightner my hair too much? won't be bald, your hair will literally singe after a while, increase of split ends, and extremely dry.this mostly occurs at the tips of your hair, as it is the most processed (oldest) an... Read More »

How to Make Hair Straight Without a Straightner?

Getting sleek, straight hair can require a lot of time and effort. Though most people who want to make their curly or wavy hair super straight invest in a hair straightener or flat iron, it is poss... Read More »

How to Crimp Your Hair Without a Crimper or Straightner?

Crimping your hair is a nice way to spice it up, but crimping and straightening irons can damage your hair. Follow these steps to learn how to crimp without the use of those tools.

Is revlon a great straightner to use for curling hair?

Honestly drugstore straighteners aren't very good...they don't heat up as much and aren't ggood for your hair... They may be cheaper, but if you're gonna use it a lot I would get one from a salon l... Read More »