The Best Way to Sell a Truck?

Answer When you're ready to sell your truck, you want it to move quickly and for the best price possible. You need to separate your truck from other trucks on the market. Further, you need to paint a comp... Read More »

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How to Sell Ice Cream in a Truck?

Have you seen that van which drives around in summer offering cold refreshment in the form of ice-cream delivered right to your neighborhood? Maybe this had always been your dream job. With some de... Read More »

Can a tow truck company sell my car?

Towing and tow truck laws can be regulated differently, depending on the county or state. Cars towed to an impound yard and not recovered after a certain period usually can be auctioned off by the ... Read More »

Can a dealer sell a truck with a lift kit?

Although many used car and truck dealerships prefer to sell vehicles compliant with factory standards, selling a truck with a lift kit does not violate Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulation. Ho... Read More »

What license do you need to have to sell shrimp on your truck?

A commercial fishing license is needed to sell shrimp from a truck. The type of license will vary from state to state. Recreational fishing licenses do not allow for selling a catch from a truck. I... Read More »