The Best Way to Remove Vinyl Flooring?

Answer Vinyl flooring is easy to install, maintain and clean. It is available in numerous colors and patterns, making it an attractive choice for many homes. Because this flooring has held its popularity ... Read More »

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How do you remove vinyl flooring?

AnswerA heat gun and a scraper works well, but it takes a fair amount of time. The local hardware store may have chemicals to soften the tiles, and the local rental shop may have special tools to t... Read More »

How do I remove old vinyl flooring?

Cut the FlooringUse a sharp utility knife to cut the vinyl flooring into sections. Use a putty knife to lift the strips, then grasp them in your hands and pull the strips off individually.Stubborn ... Read More »

How do I remove vinyl flooring from cement?

Prepare the Vinyl Floor for RemovalSweep the vinyl floor with a broom to remove large debris from the floor's surface. Cut the vinyl floor into 2-inch-wide strips with a utility knife. The blade wi... Read More »

How to remove vinyl flooring from concrete?

Heat the vinyl with an old electric iron and use a scraper.