The Best Way to Remove Seized Bolts?

Answer Seized bolts can occur on any mechanical device. Typically the bolts rust due to excessive moisture and lack of any lubrication maintenance. Bolt arrangements make for a variety of extraction metho... Read More »

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How to Remove Seized Exhaust Bolts?

Nuts and bolts that are exposed to the elements often get rusted or corroded which causes them to seize. Bolts on your car have the added effects of heat and vibration that further add to the probl... Read More »

How to Remove Seized Exhaust Manifold Bolts on a 1969 Ford F-150?

The exhaust manifold bolts on a 1969 Ford F-150 are made from cast steel. They are designed to maintain their strength while being subjected to extreme hot and cold temperatures. As the vehicle age... Read More »

How to Free Seized Nuts & Bolts?

Old nuts and bolts are prone to rust and often become seized if an anti-seize compound was not used during the initial installation. The extent of this problem can range from mild annoyance to outr... Read More »

How to Remove a Seized Oil Filter?

Oil filters do get stuck from time to time. Usually it's from either not spreading a coat of oil on the filter seal before installing it or from over-tightening the filter. If you're using a strap ... Read More »