The Best Way to Remove Rust From Earrings?

Answer Earrings are a popular form of adornment. Men, women and children all wear earrings and usually have several pairs. But some time the metal used for making earrings starts to rust or tarnish. This ... Read More »

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How do i remove rust by dipping in a rust remover?

Clean the Rusted PartScrub the part with a wire brush to remove loose rust. Wash the rusted part with a mild detergent to remove grease and oil. Rinse the part thoroughly.Dip in Rust RemoverPut on ... Read More »

How to Remove Stuck Earrings?

Sometimes stud earrings can become stuck in ears. This occurrence is particularly common in ears that have been recently pierced. As the holes heal, they produce fluid and the skin tightens, making... Read More »

How do I Remove Butterfly Earrings?

Butterfly earring backs have two loops, creating the butterfly “wings,” with a hole in between. The earring post fits through this hole. The “wings” help stabilize and keep the earring fron... Read More »

How to Remove Earrings for the First Time?

After having your earrings in for 6-8 weeks, it is difficult to get them out. The starter earrings which you have your ears pierced with, are designed to not come out easily. This article will help... Read More »