The Best Way to Remove Pinstriping Tape?

Answer The adhesive product used on the back of automotive pinstriping tape is pretty strong. Intentionally removing pinstriping is never as simple as pulling it off; any brute-strength approach usually r... Read More »

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How to Remove Pinstriping Tape?

Pinstriping tape is a type of modification that can be done to cars or trucks to add a certain flare to the paint job. It is done most commonly using stickers or vinyl. Although pinstriping has bee... Read More »

How to Install Pinstriping or Reflective Tape on Your Car or Motorcycle?

Pinstriping with vinyl tape or reflective pinstriping can be accomplished easily. You can use a dry method for ordinary pinstriping but not with reflective pinstriping or reflective tape. The formu... Read More »

How to Install Pinstriping or Reflective Tape on a Car or Motorcycle?

Reflective pinstripe is a great idea on cars and mortorcycles. It can save a biker's life at night because it helps motorists spot you in the dark. Pinstriping and reflective tape draws attention t... Read More »

How to Remove Wax for Pinstriping?

Applying pinstriping tape to a car is a complicated process that involves many steps. These steps include preparing the surface of the car by removing wax and any other residue, so the adhesive on ... Read More »