The Best Way to Remove Minor Scratches on a Car?

Answer If a car only has minor scratches, there are several reasons to fix them at home. It's less expensive to take care of minor scratches in a driveway instead of a detailing shop, and the work can be ... Read More »

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How to Remove Minor Car Scratches?

Minor car scratches are those that scratch the clear coat of your car, but do not go into the paint or primer. The light catches their sharp edges and makes them visible. The goal when repairing mi... Read More »

The Best Way to Remove Paint Scratches?

A paintwork scratch can ruin the look of your car and also reduce its resale value. Deeper gouges may also lead to corrosion, so it is important to repair car paintwork scratches promptly. Severe s... Read More »

The Best Ways to Remove Scratches From a Car?

Cars become transportation to some and treasures to others. Anytime you take your car out on the road, it is open for scratches. Rocks fly up from the road, or out-of-control shopping carts nick yo... Read More »

How to Buff Out Minor Scratches?

Minor scratches on your vehicle can be frustrating. They can bring the value down and take away from the appearance of your vehicle. However, there are ways to buff out the small scratches with ite... Read More »