The Best Way to Remove Hair Color From Skin?

Answer Hair dye is designed to stain anything it comes in contact with. Of course, the ideal situation is one in which the hair dye only comes in contact with your hair. However, mistakes happen, especial... Read More »

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What determines hair color and skin color?

Everything about hair, it's color, thickness, density, texture, growth rate, etc, is all genetic! When you really study genetics you eill learn about dominant and recessive genes, which can also sk... Read More »

Based on my skin tone what hair color should I dye my hair?

1) Mahogany 2) Chocolate (dark brown with low lights)3) Red-ish Brown 4) Chocolate brown with 2 shades lighter highlights (Think Jessica Alba):)

How to Remove Color From Dyed Hair in Order to Make a Lighter Color?

A hair color disaster resulting in hair that's too dark can create quite a dilemma. Having hair color professionally removed is an expensive process. Remove color from your dyed hair in order to li... Read More »

How to Get Hair Color Off of Skin?

Hair dye contains pigments that permanently color your hair. The pigment that colors your hair will also alter or stain your skin if it makes contact and is not wiped off. While a new hair color ca... Read More »