The Best Way to Remove Glue From Wood?

Answer Glue is used to bind, join or attach a wide range of materials. But sometimes that glue ends up where you don't want it to be. Being messy with a crafts, removing a price sticker, or being heavy-ha... Read More »

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How to Remove Sticker Glue From Wood?

Whether your child has used your wood floor as a place to display her stickers or an adhesive food label comes off of a container and adheres to your wooden kitchen table, you are left with a stick... Read More »

How do I remove wood glue from carpet?

Wet GlueBlot the wood glue from the carpet immediately with a white paper towel. Lift as much glue as possible from the carpeting. Place a small amount of white vinegar on a white towel. Dab the vi... Read More »

How do I remove gorilla glue from wood?

Wet Gorilla GlueApply paint thinner to a rag and wipe away excess wet glue before it dries.Dry Gorilla GlueRemove glue that has expanded out of the joint after it dries with a sharp chisel.Referenc... Read More »

How to Remove Super Glue From Wood Floors?

When one of the stickiest substances known called Super Glue gets dropped on, falls on or otherwise gets stuck on to your wood floors, you may think it is time to panic. You certainly don't want to... Read More »