The Best Way to Re-Dye Faded Auto Carpet?

Answer A variety of after-market automotive carpet dyes are available that can help you restore the color to an old and faded carpet in your car or truck.

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How to Brighten Faded Carpet and Rugs?

If your carpet or rugs are looking a little shabby, try cleaning them before discarding them in favour of new ones. The result might be just what you're after. This is best done in hot, dry weather... Read More »

How to Repair Faded Auto Paint Spots?

Paint on cars left out in the weather will fade, especially on the hood, roof and trunk. Faded spots will make your car look old and worn out. Auto body shops may charge several hundred dollars to ... Read More »

How to Dry Wet Carpet in an Auto?

Automotive carpet can become wet if the seals around the windows or doors are faulty, or if the windows are left open during a heavy rain. If left untended, wet auto carpet can become moldy and dis... Read More »

DIY Auto Carpet Dying?

Stains, marks and general wear and tear can leave the carpet in your vehicle looking dull and dirty. Dyeing is one option for freshening up the carpet and covering some of the discolorations left a... Read More »