The Best Way to Polish Auto Paint?

Answer Taking care of the paint work on your vehicle is vital to both maintaining the look of the vehicle and protecting it by stopping any water getting onto the body work or chassis, which can cause rus... Read More »

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How to Wet Sand Polish New Auto Paint?

When car paint is applied, small ripples and inconsistencies will form in the paint. This is commonly referred to as "orange peel," which is the main reason wet sanding is required. After the paint... Read More »

What Is the Best Auto Polish?

If you've purchased a new car and want to keep the paint job looking pristine, which polish should you choose? (Car polish is different from car wax, although many manufacturers confuse these terms... Read More »

The Best Way to Remove Fine Scratches & Embedded Grime From Auto Paint?

It is almost impossible to avoid light scratches and grime on cars that are used regularly. Smashed insects, unclean sponges, bird droppings and road grime can all cause scratches in your paint. Ev... Read More »

Auto Wax Vs. Polish?

There is a lot of confusion in the public sector as to the differences in composition and function of waxes and polish. Both have their place, and might ideally be used together.