The Best Way to Lock in Fabric Dye Color?

Answer Buying new clothes, or redyeing old ones, can be wonderful ways to brighten up your wardrobe and add a fresh new look. This fresh new look is easily ruined, however, by colors that fade or run. Run... Read More »

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What is the best fabric for retaining pleats in a fabric bed skirt?

How to Set Red Color in Fabric?

The red color of some fabric must be set, or made permanent, to avoid bleeding of the dye color. Fabric manufacturers often use excess red dye to achieve a bright red color. The excess dye cannot s... Read More »

How to Set Color on Dyed Fabric?

Fabric dye is used to add or alter the color of fabric before it is used for clothing or craft projects. Once the fabric dye is applied, it's best to set the dye to prevent it from bleeding, which ... Read More »

How do I use color crayons on fabric?

Buy a set of fabric crayons to draw or color on fabric or clothing. Use the crayons to draw a sketch or design onto a piece of paper. You then use an iron to press the paper---design down---onto th... Read More »