The Best Way to Get a Dark Tan?

Answer Whether you are going tanning at a salon or outside on your deck or at the beach, moderation is the key to building a dark tan without the severity of a sunburn. If you have very fair skin or are l... Read More »

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What is the best paint to buy to cover dark paint I want to change a wall from dark red to cream.?

Buy a top-quality brand name paint from a paint store, not a department store - Duron, Sherwin-Williams, that sort of thing. Stay away from bargain paints or low-end paints; buy the best they have... Read More »

Who lived in a dark dark cellar of a dark dark house?

The Best Way to Get a Natural, Dark Tan?

Tanning your skin to a darker pigment can be achieved either through indoor tanning methods or traditional outdoor sun exposure. Although it will take more time for your skin to develop a natural, ... Read More »

The Best Ways to Dye Dark Hair?

One way to change your look easily is to change your hair. Rather than cutting your hair, perhaps you would like to alter your hair's color. Whether you are going to a salon to change your hair col... Read More »